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How to Protect Yourself from Satan’s Whispering Lies: An Interview with Louie Giglio

Satan is constantly seeking to fill our minds with destructive thoughts—whether of fear, worry, insecurity, anxiety, temptation, envy, and more. It’s all too easy for him to manipulate his way into a seat at the table intended for only you and Jesus, and to try to make himself at home in your mind. What are […]

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Video: Take Comfort Knowing That God Knows

One of God’s unique attributes is omniscience—the ability to comprehend every detail of the past, present, and future with perfect wisdom and knowledge. Scripture says he calls every star in the universe by name and knew each of us before we were born. God is not only aware of our deepest sorrows and fears, he […]

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Video: Day of Pentecost Meditation on Acts 2

Read Acts 2 (KJV, PHILLIPS in parallel) on Bible Gateway It only takes a minute to create your own Bible Gateway free personal account and you’ll immediately upgrade your Bible Gateway experience. Do it right now! [Read Bible Gateway Blog posts concerning the Holy Spirit] [Browse Pentecost/Holy Spirit resources in the Bible Gateway Store] Acts […]

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The Shock and Scandal of God’s Grace: An Interview with Philip Yancey

The biblical concept of grace is one thing the world cannot duplicate while also being the one thing it craves above all else. How are Christians doing at lavishing the grace on a world that knows far more of cruelty and unforgiveness than it does of mercy? The Bible portrays true grace in shocking and […]

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Zondervan’s MasterLectures Reaches the 100th Video Course Milestone

The 100th educational video course is now available on Zondervan’s streaming video platform, MasterLectures, which offers subscribers unlimited streaming access to thousands of video lectures on the Bible, theology, apologetics, biblical languages, and leadership. [Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, MasterLecture: What Is the Book of James About? Here Are 10 Key Themes] “Reaching this […]

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Video: Snowflakes Are the Jewels of Winter

On a winter morning they fall gracefully from the sky. Snowflakes – some of the most beautiful works of art to adorn planet earth. But how do these extraordinary creations take shape? Through breathtaking macro and time-lapse photography and computer animation, explore the science behind the wonder in the following short film. [Read the Bible […]

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“That’s What Christmas is All About, Charlie Brown”

December 9, 1965 is when the TV animated special A Charlie Brown Christmas premiered on the CBS network. It has continued to be loved by successive generations for half a century. It only takes a minute to create your own Bible Gateway free personal account and you’ll immediately upgrade your Bible Gateway experience. Do it […]

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Video: God’s Intricate and Stunning Design of Nature

In Romans 1:20 the Apostle Paul explained that glimpses of God’s invisible attributes and divine character are revealed through the things He has made. The entire created order – the universe, planet earth, and every living creature – tells us something important about the nature of God. These extraordinary revelations are available to everyone with […]

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Galatians Reminds Us We’re Accepted and Free: An Interview with Jada Edwards

When was the last time you thoroughly studied the book of Galatians? Do you know who wrote it, why he did, and how it should impact your life? How should the words of this book, written centuries ago, help you today when you have an overwhelming sense of feeling unaccepted? Bible Gateway interviewed Jada Edwards […]

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Video: God’s Stunning Design in a Butterfly

Few events in nature can rival the extraordinary life cycle of a butterfly. This stunning transformation from a slow, earth-bound caterpillar to a magnificent flying insect is the epitome of mystery and wonder. [Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Seeing the Creator in the Wonders of Our Cosmos: An Interview with David Bradstreet] Through breathtaking […]

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