How To: Remove Annotations

In order to delete a favorite, highlight or note, you must first navigate to the passage and translation where that annotation is present.

1. Un-highlight a verse. Tap or click-to-select it the highlight you would like to remove. The toolbar will appear above the verse. To the right of the highlight colors is a box with an "X' in it. Tap or click on this to un-highlight the verse. Pictured here:


2. Remove a favorite. Go to the verse that you would like to un-favorite and tap or click on the star icon to the left of the verse. This will cause the star to disappear.


3. Delete a note. Tap or click on the note icon that appears at the left side of the verse next to the verse number.  delete-note-1.jpg

This will open the note. Tap or click on the delete icon to remove the note. Pictured here:


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